Whiny Weed Kind of Morning


This is my third morning pulling weeds in the back bed. You might think I'm exaggerating but Lord, have mercy, it's nearly killing me. The biggest, baddest river rock in the land make the ground

Whiny Weed Kind of Morning2020-10-17T10:32:27-04:00

Caring without Carrying


It doesn't take morning news, or news at all, to know the struggles going on in our world. I Know. I feel them. Do you? For some of us, it's about turning off the news and

Caring without Carrying2020-10-16T08:30:15-04:00

Life Speaks via Dreams


I dreamed of a garden with hidden treasures...huge stones and shells tucked behind plants ... remnants of travels across the globe... long abandoned and forgotten by the owner ... a woman who had worked with

Life Speaks via Dreams2018-06-24T07:30:17-04:00

Birdbath Disaster or Not: What To Do When Life Messes Upo


Greg's parents gave us an old birdbath. I like its sturdy build. Peeling paint calls for a sprucing up. I showed Greg the Satin Lilac paint I was pondering. To my surprise, he suggested Gloss

Birdbath Disaster or Not: What To Do When Life Messes Upo2018-06-21T14:22:54-04:00
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