Welcome! As we gather on this gorgeous Monday morning, I invite you to take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathing deeply is a key to self-care and to blooming beautifully. Simply start with awareness of your breath and the intention to be more present with each and every breath.  I’m reminded of how we taught my first grandson to relax by breathing deeply . . . imagine blowing out a candle and then smelling a flower. Blow out the candle. Smell the flower. Repeat often. #Breathe #Relax

As I was writing, I noticed that this sunflower, right outside my window, had bloomed overnight. I was so excited to run right out and get a picture for you. I didn’t plant seeds so they must be gifts from the birds. How did they know to perfectly plant them for a window view? #MagicalLife #Blooms

At People Bloom Here, we support you in living beautifully bloomed . . .  calm, clear and confident. Blooming isn’t a one-time deal. We have many blooms and life gives us many chances to bloom; to die back; to bloom again. I’m so happy you’re here today and hope that you return often. You can count on a blog post every Monday morning with surprise posts here and there.

This Week:

  • Place a flower and a candle in your space as a reminder to breathe deeply.
  • Sit near flower and candle and reflect on the word ‘freedom’ and what it means to you. Consider that you have the freedom to choose your thoughts, words and actions.

I look forward to talking more about conscious choice. See you soon!

Blooms upon your week,