Greg’s parents gave us an old birdbath. I like its sturdy build. Peeling paint calls for a sprucing up. I showed Greg the Satin Lilac paint I was pondering. To my surprise, he suggested Gloss Grape. Bold and bright! He still surprises me. When I moved in with him 5 years ago the primary color in the house was black but slowly he has revealed he likes bright colors. I do too.

To make a long project short, we stripped the peeling paint. We tried to get it back to its original galvanized steel so it would be better for the bathing birds. We couldn’t so Gloss Grape it will be. I picked blue for the bird; green for the stem; and pink for the flower so imagine my surprise when I went to the garage this morning and found this!

Greg is helpful and decided to paint the top parts . . . perhaps to surprise me and possibly because I tend to be messier than him when it comes to painting. He just forgot they weren’t supposed to be purple! Ugh. Now what?

When life messes up our plans, what do we do? Get mad? Get sad? We need to feel whatever we feel but then . . . do our best to choose the High Road.

I paused to take it all in. I wondered about his intention. I thought about how important it was for top parts to not be purple. I pondered the best way to talk with him about it. When I got clear, I texted him ‘Hi! When did you paint top parts of birdbath?’ He immediately texted back ‘Yesterday. Are they all supposed to be purple or not?’ I love him. Then a text reminding him of colors I wanted and a ‘purple will be fine though if we can’t cover it.’ He assured me we could paint them the colors I wanted and that was that.

To Ponder this Week:

Life is about moving forward; not getting stuck. It’s about getting real about what’s really important. It’s about giving energy to that which we want to have grow and not giving energy to that which we don’t want to have grow. If life gives you messiness this week, pause and try these:

  • Get clear on the ‘why’ behind your want.
  • Ponder people’s intentions and do your best to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Only give energy to that which you want to have grow.
  • Move forward on the High Road and trust Life.

Here to hear you and to help you hear your Seed of Self so you can BLOOM,


Yay to finished birdbath project!!