What Role Has Worked Played in Making You Who You Are? My Story.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a Plainfield paper route that required me to walk with a bag that surely weighed about the same as me. I still remember nearly every house on that route, especially the ones on the hills with 30 steps leading up to them. I also remember the lady who offered me ice cold pink lemonade. I’m glad I did that work. It provided me with money for my first checking account and a few candy bars. My mom taught me how to track money in my ledger. It was dirty work rolling those papers. It was hard work. Made me who I am. #Grateful #BlogLifeLessonStoriesLikeThis #IFeltSafe #RodeBusToPaperPlaceFromSchoolIMustHaveBeenBrave

I would love to know your story. Here to hear you and to help you hear yourSelf.

Damn Tired Of Tiny Tiring Tasks

I’m so damn tired of doing those ‘one more’ things that call for my attention instead of following what I need. Those ‘one more’ activities add up, like heavy boulders, stealing moments, days and possibly lifetimes. Who’s with me? #NoMoreExcuses #OneMoreTurnsInto10 #KeepPromisesToSelf #CenteredInSelfIsNotSelfCentered

I invite you to join me in paying attention to those little distractions and what they are really keeping us from and one breath at a time, bring attention back to mindful, heartfull next. No need for blame, shame or anger … nobody has time for those … just conscious choices to live aligned through thoughts, words and actions.

I’m here to hear you and to help you hear yourSelf so you can follow that calm, clear, confidence.


Mornings Start Here

Most mornings start here in the comfort of our front room. Heavy traffic flows outside but inside it’s calm and quiet. Later, I will meet the world. For now, I sit in one of our leather chairs sipping hot lemon water and in-tending the day. Tending to life proactively with intention takes little time with big rewards. A comforting vantage point helps ease the way. How do you begin your day? What are your intentions for every day?

May today be filled with #PeaceLoveJoyProsperity.