Birdbath Disaster or Not: What To Do When Life Messes Upo

Greg’s parents gave us an old birdbath. I like its sturdy build. Peeling paint calls for a sprucing up. I showed Greg the Satin Lilac paint I was pondering. To my surprise, he suggested Gloss Grape. Bold and bright! He still surprises me. When I moved in with him 5 years ago the primary color in the house was black but slowly he has revealed he likes bright colors. I do too.

To make a long project short, we stripped the peeling paint. We tried to get it back to its original galvanized steel so it would be better for the bathing birds. We couldn’t so Gloss Grape it will be. I picked blue for the bird; green for the stem; and pink for the flower so imagine my surprise when I went to the garage this morning and found this!

Greg is helpful and decided to paint the top parts . . . perhaps to surprise me and possibly because I tend to be messier than him when it comes to painting. He just forgot they weren’t supposed to be purple! Ugh. Now what?

When life messes up our plans, what do we do? Get mad? Get sad? We need to feel whatever we feel but then . . . do our best to choose the High Road.

I paused to take it all in. I wondered about his intention. I thought about how important it was for top parts to not be purple. I pondered the best way to talk with him about it. When I got clear, I texted him ‘Hi! When did you paint top parts of birdbath?’ He immediately texted back ‘Yesterday. Are they all supposed to be purple or not?’ I love him. Then a text reminding him of colors I wanted and a ‘purple will be fine though if we can’t cover it.’ He assured me we could paint them the colors I wanted and that was that.

To Ponder this Week:

Life is about moving forward; not getting stuck. It’s about getting real about what’s really important. It’s about giving energy to that which we want to have grow and not giving energy to that which we don’t want to have grow. If life gives you messiness this week, pause and try these:

  • Get clear on the ‘why’ behind your want.
  • Ponder people’s intentions and do your best to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Only give energy to that which you want to have grow.
  • Move forward on the High Road and trust Life.

Here to hear you and to help you hear your Seed of Self so you can BLOOM,


Yay to finished birdbath project!!

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Rest Now

Hello and welcome.

Take a minute to take in the image above. Imagine it’s a warm, gentle day as you sit here on the bench by this ancient spring. Take a few deep breaths. #Breathe

Now notice how clear the water is and allow the clarity to permeate your life. #ClarityOfMindBodySoul

The natural spring bubbles up warm water from beneath the earth, keeping the temperature at 72 degrees year round. #Warmth

If you want, walk over to the water’s edge and tickle your toes with the gentle healing water. #Gentle #Healing

Return to this imagery whenever you want to add warmth, gentleness and healing to your life.

Here to hear you and to help,

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Simple Ways to Create Comfort (in a World without Mom)

Hello! Come and sit with me. Quiche just came out of the oven and I will get you a slice of its toasty goodness and a cold cup of apple cider too. Can you feel that happy hearth sweetness of autumn home cooking? I sure can.

Creating comfort has been critical as I have adjusted to my new normal without my mom’s presence on earth. Life sure can give us reasons to run to comfort. You know? Tell me what you’re doing to create comfort.

Here are some of the autumn treasures and simple pleasures that have lifted me up lately:  candles, cozy blankets, hot tea, good books, uplifting movies, snuggles with Greg and grandchildren and long conversations with my daughters about nothing and everything. Life is simply good when we celebrate the ‘what is’ moments.

Here’s to autumn treasures and simple pleasures,


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What Can I Say about My Mother?

As my mother lives out her final days, I crumble and rise; crumble and rise. The world feels wavy in a whole new way and I cling to the life tools I know so well and have taught for so long. I cling to friends and family and Greg in a way I have never known and I realize life will go on; a new normal one step at a time.

I have said everything that I can think and feel to say to her and in the end, only ‘thank you;’ ‘sorry;’ and ‘I love you’ seem necessary. Grateful for time to talk.

There are no words to express my love, awe and admiration of Mary McCullough. She is the strongest person I know. Family was first always. She is generous, loving, kind. When asked about her religious beliefs, she simply said she did her best to be good daily. She did. She was. Her legacy is goodness.

My words feel removed somehow in the morning light of today. The rain expresses what I cannot.

I’m sharing this with you because several have felt a shift with me. Thank you for caring. My mom is at peace and there is nothing we need except privacy. My 4 siblings and I stand together in support and everything physical has been handled so we can be present, grateful and honor the moments.

Thank you,

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