Caring without Carrying

flower with heart

It doesn’t take morning news, or news at all, to know the struggles going on in our world. I Know. I feel them. Do you?

For some of us, it’s about turning off the news and tuning into ourselves; our energy and emotions. We need to balance compassion and empathy . . . what I call the difference between caring and carrying. I tend to be hypersensitive to energy and environment so I need to be centered in my own body and aware of what is mine and what is theirs and yes, what is ours. Universal emotions are real and we pick up on them all the time. Have you experienced this?

If you think this might be happening, do this check-in with yourself:

  • Sit with both feet on the floor and legs shoulder-width apart.
  • Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Tune into your heart and then any area of your body calling for attention. Consciously feel each area of tension, anxiety, tightness, one by one, and ask: 1) What do you want me to know? 2) What do you want me to do? 3) What’s it going to take for you to ease up/heal? Take time to listen and align thoughts, words and actions with info you got. Your energy and emotions will follow.

Next week I will talk about how to handle those times when we feel an emotion suddenly and shockingly; like one moment you’re fine and the next you’re drastically different. It’s important to know how to deal with emotions. I hope the information above helps.

Here to hear you and to help you hear yourself,

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Amazing What We Know That We Don’t Know We Know

I had a dream last night about the leather portfolio I bought with some of the money my mom left me. I had searched high and low for the perfect 3-ring binder and ordered one from Rustico. When it came, I fell in love with its soft brown cover and wide openness. I had known that I really wanted it but didn’t know what to use it for . . . memories; keepsakes; recipes; journal? It wasn’t clear, so until clarity came, I put it in the top drawer of my mom’s coffee table. That’s where it has been for 5 months . . . until the dream.

The dream felt like mom’s gentle nudge to use the binder every day. The vision was complete with lined white paper and unlined cream-colored paper for writing and drawing. When I opened the drawer, I was surprised to find a stack of both kinds of paper, already hole-punched and ready. How did that happen? Magic or did I prepare them when I got the binder? Hmmm. I don’t remember buying or punching holes in the cream-colored paper. It’s amazing what we know that we don’t know we know.

The large leather cover spreads out across my lap ready for words of life. Here they are . . . the first words written within its comfort. Thank you for reading.

Here to hear you and to help you hear yourSelf,

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Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring!! We made it through Winter! Yay! Did you settle into the season of hibernation and fully receive its many benefits? Winter is the time to renew our body. It is the season of nurturing ourselves in the comfort of our homes. We are invited to reflect on life and to dream of our next cycle of creation in the spring. As spring arrives our dreams pop like popcorn seeds in our minds wanting us to create, create, create! It can be a time of restlessness so get outside and walk some of that excess energy off. #Spring #Seed #Create

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Rest Now

Hello and welcome.

Take a minute to take in the image above. Imagine it’s a warm, gentle day as you sit here on the bench by this ancient spring. Take a few deep breaths. #Breathe

Now notice how clear the water is and allow the clarity to permeate your life. #ClarityOfMindBodySoul

The natural spring bubbles up warm water from beneath the earth, keeping the temperature at 72 degrees year round. #Warmth

If you want, walk over to the water’s edge and tickle your toes with the gentle healing water. #Gentle #Healing

Return to this imagery whenever you want to add warmth, gentleness and healing to your life.

Here to hear you and to help,

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