Life Speaks via Dreams

I dreamed of a garden with hidden treasures…huge stones and shells tucked behind plants … remnants of travels across the globe… long abandoned and forgotten by the owner … a woman who had worked with wild animals and at fine museums… artifacts were gathered from earth and sea adventures and somehow brought home despite their massive size … only later she left the loves for reasons unknown.

Oh how I excavated those treasures all night long and upon awakening wrote pages about their stories. This will resonate for a while.

Grateful for sleep time signs. Do you remember the stories your sleep shared last night? Want to share?

May they resonate with healing and goodness.

Here to help you interpret dreams and the signs that life is always sharing. Here to hear you and to help you hear yourself.

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What’s the Hurry?

The morning light casts itself upon the day. As I sit on the covered front porch and watch the hurried world drive by, I wonder ‘what’s the hurry?’

Oh yeah, I remember the need for speed from back in the day when I knew one pace … fast. Then the farmer came showing me how to balance it all out by living in alignment with the cycles of earth … fast, slow, fast, slow in an integrated speed up, slow down pace.

My speed and busyness seemed important, even critical. In hindsight, I know it was about my identity of efficiency, productivity, and worth. It was about self-importance.

I’m in charge of my own schedule now so the crazy busyness could be over. Yet sometimes I struggle to fully embrace the balanced pace and overbook, overcommit, overextend. Do you ever do that?

If so, try these affirmations:

I embrace my true pace.

I enjoy wiggle room in my days.


I like to be efficient and productive.

Imagine living with efficiency and wiggle room in balance. Let me know how it goes.

Here to hear you and to help you hear your Seed of Self so you can Bloom!

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It isn’t Good that I’m Good at this.

A man I dated a long time ago told me: “You don’t have to anticipate my needs even though you’re really good at it.”

That was a wake up call that taught me I was over-doing, over-caring, and over-carrying responsibilities for others. I was over it.

Letting go has been a slow process. As a woman, mother, grandmother, fiancé, and Life Coach, I still remind myself daily.

Show up. Love large. Be present. Pause before over-anything. There is a big difference between caring and carrying. Does this show up in your life? How do you handle it?

Here to hear you and to help you hear yourSelf so you can Bloom,

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