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For You:

We all need a place to go to be heard; to sort it all out; to pause; to relax; to feel supported. Each of us needs to feel seen, heard, validated, and appreciated. For over 20 years I have been coaching to the end result of calm, clarity, confidence and connection. I will provide a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate, supportive space where you will reconnect with your courage and wisdom so you know you aren’t alone and that you will get through this moment; this struggle; this situation. Then you can carry those tools with you throughout life. If you’re ready to schedule your time now, call or text me at 317.455.DANE (3263).

Still pondering? Read on. 

Does anyone really listen to you and sincerely care about how you are? If your life could talk, what would it say? That you’re tired of carrying too much for too long? That you’re not present due to stress, worry and anxiety? That you want to slow down? Focus more? Not feel so alone? Take time for you?

Life is filled with stress and our ability to manage life instead of it managing us is based on the answers to these questions so this is where we will start:

  • Do you believe that life supports you or is against you?
  • Do you trust yourself?
  • Do you love and trust yourself, others and life?

More about the coaching process:

Our goal is to get you connected more to your Seed of Self that holds your wise and wonderful answers. Initially, I will use my intuition to validate your hunches so you can trust yourself enough to align thoughts, words, and actions.

Coaching will be customized to you using original materials; inquiry; imagery; intuition; numerology; Reiki and Shamanism.

Over time it has become obvious that great things happen in four sessions:

1) Assessment: Current State for 9 Key Areas of Life (Digging Deep. Clear the Ground)

Life Assessment

Core Model

Energy Assessment

2) Awareness: Digging Deep; Planting Seeds

4 Values to focus attention

4 Strengths to enhance confidence

4 Needs and Wants to attract them

3) Alignment: Seed. Grow. Bloom.; Nurture. Roots

Spiral of Change

Breath and Body Awareness




Meditation and Thoughts

Visualization and Thoughts

Intuition and Thoughts

Intentions and Words

Actions and Conscious Choices

Key Questions

Core Living Activators

4) Application: Bloom

Spiral of Change

The Invitation Poem

Focus on Four

Calendar Stories

Clutter Clearing

5-Step Process

Neener Neener

Zippa Zippa

Feng Shui

You’ve mastered so much.

Our ultimate goal is for you to learn and integrate tools so that you self-coach. There is no contract or minimum number of sessions required. In 20 years of coaching, I will say that something magical happens in four sessions. Typically, one to four sessions weekly or bi-weekly are scheduled & then periodically as desired (sometimes a single session is all that is needed to breakthrough!)

Coaching is available in my Avon, Indiana office or via phone. Schedule session now my texting or calling 317-455-DANE (3263).