Once upon a time, I was a dangerously driven woman. From the outside, it looked like I had it all together but really I was on a path of self-destruction working in corporate America; traveling extensively; running a non-profit holistic health organization, cramming in college classes, and raising my daughters as a single mother. I had no balance.

Around that time, I met a farmer who lived close to nature and lived in alignment with the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I realized that I, too, have seasons and natural rhythms. Up until then, I only knew one speed . . . fast . . . and with him as a model, I began to reflect on my life and to make subtle adjustments to the way I worked and lived. I realized that my life had cycles of seeding; growing; blooming; dying back. This realization provided a strong foundation for me that really helped when my life began falling apart a short time later. 

Health and career crises caused my blooms to be withered and worn out. It took a personal journey deep within my SEED OF SELF to get clear on who I am and what is important to me. That was the beginning of my BLOOM journey and the unfurling of my petals continues on. Blooming isn’t a one-time deal. We have many blooms and life gives us lots of opportunities to bloom; to die back; to bloom again. Now I am grateful to coach others on listening to and trusting their SEEDS OF SELF so they can BLOOM from that calm, clear, confident, connected place.  

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