Winter supports us in renewing our body. It’s the season to reflect on life and to dream of our next cycle of creation in the spring.

Spring supports us in focusing our mind. It’s the season to sow the seeds that have been brewing inside our heads and hearts during winter.

Summer supports us in balancing our emotions. It’s the season to feed, weed and water our symbolic seeds and watch them bloom.

Autumn supports us in balancing our spirit. It’s the season to reap the harvest from what we have sown in the spring and tended to in the summer.

Becoming acutely aware of the cycles of the seasons help us to balance naturally over time. The rhythms are everywhere but to me there is nowhere that they are more prevalent than the farm. Whenever I see farm machinery I stop on the side of the road and watch with appreciation. It’s a reminder that there is a natural cycle that continues to go on regardless of my participation. Honoring the cycles catches in my throat and makes me look at life with awe.

What is your natural cycle? How aware are you of what is going on around you? Are you noticing the awe that is nature and that is you? There is beauty waiting to be noticed.

May you find the beauty of the seasons and follow them to the peace that only nature can deliver.