Welcome! I hope you had a great weekend! As we gather, I’m remembering my RV weekend adventure with my daughter and grandson. The remains of a 1920s amusement park lured us to southern Indiana. I read online reviews about the magical place and my excitement was building until . . .

I read about the trail. Most of the reviews mentioned a long, sharp incline on the way back and I could feel myself getting anxious.┬áBack in the day, I was an active hiker and have led many Vision Quests through woods and around canyon edges. I’m older and heavier now though and haven’t vigorously hiked in a while. Could I make it up the hill? Was the stress of the return trip worth even venturing downward? What if I got to the bottom of the hill and couldn’t make it back up? I would be so embarrassed. Should I even chance it or take the safe route and choose another state park?

One of the reviews said that the hill was 70 feet up so Greg, in his sweetness, stepped it out for me so I could visualize it on flat ground. That helped. It wasn’t really that far. Visualizing always helps. The 2 mile trek didn’t scare me but that hill scared me! I went to bed feeling anxious and breathing deeply.

When I woke up the next day, I was calm. I had decided to just go and see what happened; to breathe my way through it. Just like life, sometimes we have to take experiences one step at a time without knowing all of the answers . . .  to trust the next step and the next and the next.

Once we got to the trail’s edge, my confidence was intact and we began the downward walk. It was wonderful! The ancient amusement park came alive in our minds as the signs throughout helped us to reconnect with the Roaring 20s. The trek uphill was strenuous and there were touch-and-go moments but one step at a time, we did it! I’m so glad I worked through the fear and trusted myself and life.

Are you anxious or afraid in any area of your life? Are you being invited to take the next step with faith over fear? If so, may your confidence escalate and the trail be full of adventure, magic and joy. I’m here to hear you and to help you hear yourself so you can walk with calm, clarity and confidence. Call or text me at 317-455-DANE to schedule your time to talk.