Welcome! As we gather today, my mind is on thirty-five years ago when I gave birth to a baby girl. Yesterday, we celebrated her birthday with a brunch and there was a moment of presence between us that took me back to the moment that I first met her.

I had just turned 18 and I was so scared to have a baby and to be a mom. I had only been married five months and we were poor and uninsured. Therefore, we delivered at a teaching hospital and the doctor could have been any of the medical residents. That kept me from connecting and trusting any of them. I was trying to be brave but I felt scared and alone.

People told me that the odds were against me as a teenage mother but they didn’t know my optimism, persistence, commitment and love for personal growth. I’m so grateful that I beat those odds and have created a beautiful life. Personal discovery and development have saved me and lifted me up over and over. How about you? What role does personal growth have in your life?

I haven’t felt the emotions of that day in a long time. Why now? Why do memories come running back when we least expect them? Perhaps some life knowing that healing needs to happen even though it feels like it has already happened and happened and happened.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in March and that has me pondering all of the levels of motherhood. Being a mother is a special part of my story and mothering/ grandmothering continues to play a big role in who I am.  More on that in posts ahead.

This Week:

  • Reflect on how you have beat the odds. Celebrate.
  • Are you taking time for self-care through personal development?

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Thanks for visiting! I look forward to talking again soon!

Blooms upon your week,