Happy Monday morning! As we gather, take a minute to really look at the bloom above. Focus on the petals and then move awareness to the middle. Can you see the hundreds of tiny blooms within the center? Now imagine this sunlit sunflower’s center takes you deeper into your own center. Breathe in the beauty. Breathe out stress. Breathe in the new day. Life is alive and inviting you to BLOOM even more.

This Week:

Sunflower speak continues here in my garden and their evolution of openness prompted me to explore how open I am and to invite you to explore the same.

This sunflower seems shy but who knows what is going on beneath the surface. Sometimes we stay closed from fear of further pain. There’s beauty there waiting to be seen. #Heal

As the sunflower shows, sometimes we slowly venture out to see how calm and confident we feel before we explore more. #Trust

And sometimes we know that life really supports us and that calm, clear confidence allows us to naturally BLOOM. #Allow

I hope this exploration was helpful. I welcome your comments below. I’m here to hear you and to help you hear yourself so you can BLOOM even more!

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Blooms upon your week,