Good morning! As we gather on this beautiful Monday, I’m sitting at my blue desk with the sun rising over my right shoulder. The sunlight is scattering rainbows around the room reminding me/us of the possibility of a new day. Can you feel it? Breathe in the possibilities. #TryIt #Breathe #Possibility

Mondays can be tough and more than any other day, my routine sustains me. Routines, rituals, traditions and little life celebrations bring sacredness to everyday living. They ensure our self-talk is tender instead of tough. From bathing to journaling, routines set the tone for tenderness.

This Week’s Invitation is to become more aware of whether you begin and end your days with tenderness or toughness and to subtly shift self-talk to a more tender tone. Here’s how:

  • Explore your morning routine with new curiosity. Does it flow well? If not, are there simple changes you can make so you have everything you need? For example, do you love the cup you use when you brush your teeth? If not, upgrade it. Commit to one little daily upgrade to morning and evening routines.
  • Place a plant in a shaded spot outside and commit to visiting it daily. Take a big glass of water with you and share it with the plant; a sip for you, a sip for it. Quenching thirst runs deeper than hydration. #TryIt #Water
  • Set up a cozy corner with chair, lamp, candle, notebook, pen. Can you spend 5 minutes (or more) there in the morning or evening? Sure you can. #TryIt

Want support? Call or text me at 317.455.DANE (3263) to schedule your time. Please post below how your self-talk goes. Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon!

Here’s to everyday sacredness,