Just outside my home office stands this Naked Lady Lily. She is known by many names. Aren’t we all? Or perhaps we should be. Each of us have layers, realms within . . . ¬†waiting to be known. What would you name your layers? Do you have a shy side? What about a wild one? A scared self? Feisty? Who are those diverse selves living within you?

I’m reminded this morning of when my feisty side showed up in a way that deserved a name . . . not quite a hurricane but close. The man that my tirade was aimed at let me off the hook by saying he knew that it was just a moment in time in the life of Dane McCullough and that it would pass. They knew what I didn’t know then . . . that all selves are passers by. Give them voice; give them names if it helps; give them what they want because they will rule the roost until you do.

When our layers don’t feel heard, they speak louder and louder. They may roar or even worse, run away. We all have them. Something under those layers needs revealing and it’s up to us to do the work to get there.

Talk about getting there, this August eclipse season is re-awakening those memories from long ago and especially from 1999. Our work is to uncover the concealed and give it light. Keep in mind today’s partial lunar eclipse and the total solar eclipse coming on August 21st. Imagine in your mind’s eye the act of shadow covering light and then pulling back to reveal light again. Get it?

Sure shadow work is brave work but you’re brave and ready and called upon to clear and clean and stand healed in your Lily-like naked beauty . . . vulnerable, alive and named well ‘I Am.’

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Here to hear you and to help you hear yourSelf,