As my mother lives out her final days, I crumble and rise; crumble and rise. The world feels wavy in a whole new way and I cling to the life tools I know so well and have taught for so long. I cling to friends and family and Greg in a way I have never known and I realize life will go on; a new normal one step at a time.

I have said everything that I can think and feel to say to her and in the end, only ‘thank you;’ ‘sorry;’ and ‘I love you’ seem necessary. Grateful for time to talk.

There are no words to express my love, awe and admiration of Mary McCullough. She is the strongest person I know. Family was first always. She is generous, loving, kind. When asked about her religious beliefs, she simply said she did her best to be good daily. She did. She was. Her legacy is goodness.

My words feel removed somehow in the morning light of today. The rain expresses what I cannot.

I’m sharing this with you because several have felt a shift with me. Thank you for caring. My mom is at peace and there is nothing we need except privacy. My 4 siblings and I stand together in support and everything physical has been handled so we can be present, grateful and honor the moments.

Thank you,