Life is a work in progress. Here’s evidence. Wintering in Florida gave me some needed time to organize over 11,000 photographs. As I moved them into themed folders, I noticed I had created both ‘Business’ and ‘Work’ categories.

I haven’t thought of my coaching business as work because it’s simply who I am and what I was born to be and do but it is work too. An aha moment. Work is a critical part of each of us. It’s how we show up in the world and give our unique gifts to make lives better.

This realization prompted me to combine the two folders under ‘Work’ and lo and behold my computer alphabetically rearranged my life so that ‘ Family’ popped to the top. Whoa! That moment was an epiphany.

I would’ve claimed Family as first but I had to ask myself if I was living aligned with this every day. Truth is Work takes a lot of time so it can feel like first. I will continue to ask as I move through the moments and make subtle shifts where needed.

Now to finish this project with more awareness of how to Focus on Four and live aligned with it all.

Thanks for joining me today. May you feel deeply aligned with what’s most important to you today and every day in the new year.

Here to hear you and to help,