Amazing What We Know That We Don’t Know We Know


I had a dream last night about the leather portfolio I bought with some of the money my mom left me. I had searched high and low for the perfect 3-ring binder and ordered one

Amazing What We Know That We Don’t Know We Know2018-06-04T08:35:49-04:00

Rest Now


Hello and welcome. Take a minute to take in the image above. Imagine it's a warm, gentle day as you sit here on the bench by this ancient spring. Take a few deep breaths. #Breathe

Rest Now2018-01-13T11:52:01-05:00

The World Needs . . .


As we gather, I invite you to really look at the image above and ask 'What is next? What does the world want and need from me?' Whatever answers you receive, allow them to cross

The World Needs . . .2017-08-13T18:31:25-04:00
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