“Upon arriving at your office I brought with me very little life giving energy. The rich, dark, nourishing soil that is needed to sustain a deep life had been sorely depleted by years of self neglect and a continuous giving out of positive energy with no way to replace it.

If one can imagine a beautiful rose bud that is full of potential, but is bent and withering on the stem because it has no source of nourishment…that is the place where I was when I realized that to be able to embrace life I needed to lift my head to the light.

You are not only the light, but also the gardener who tenderly watered and gently amended the soil until it was filled with life giving nutrients that enabled this bud to unfurl its glorious petals and to feel again the pulse of life coursing through its veins.

With your support, wisdom, and encouragement I am forging a path of my own. A path that is made by placing one foot in front of the other, feeling secure that whatever may appear on that winding way I am supported.

That tired little bud is now in full flower and releasing all of it’s glorious colors and scent to contribute to the divine plan for which it is intended.

Thank you so very much Dane ~ You are a bright and sacred light in my life.”

~Jennifer S

“Since I have been coaching with Dane, I feel unhurried, more focused and more all around at east with myself and others. I am not as reactionary as I was before.” ~Jackie G