There is a sacredness that sits in the center of each of us. It is the totality of who we are.

During each season there are predictable changes – the scenery changes, the temperature changes, the light changes, and we change.  The movement of the sun through spring, summer, autumn, and winter guides us through our internal ever-changing seasons.

Just as a flower seed is nourished in the depths of the rich dirt in the winter, and then grows upward to sprout in the spring, blooms into a brilliant display of color in the summer, dies a peaceful death in the autumn, and returns to the earth in the winter, we, too, have cycles.

Earth provides a model for us on how to live daily.  These influences are constantly flowing around and through us.  Every day we have spring, summer, autumn, and winter moments.  Each season is needed for the cycle of life and awareness of their influences helps us to live more simple, balanced lives.